Iska Contract
Where Money Is Advanced for Business Use

       I, the undersigned, have received the sum of $____________________________from (hereafter referred to as the "Investing Partner"), to be used for business purposes. I obligate myself to utilize these funds in a manner which I believe will generate profits. Any profits realized or losses sustained shall be shared equally between the investing partner and myself.
       Any claim of loss must be verified through the testimony of two qualified witnesses in, and under conditions acceptable to, an Orthodox Jewish court of law. Any claim regarding the amount of profit generated by these funds shall be verified under solemn oath, before and under conditions acceptable to, an Orthodox Jewish court of law.
       It is agreed that if I return the above-mentioned principal to the investing partner, together with an additional ____________________________________________________ as payment for his share of the profits which are generated, then I will not be required to make any further payment nor willi be required to make an oath.
       I am obligated to make this payment on or before___________________. If payment is not made by this time, the terms of this Iska shall continue. I have received one dollar from the investing partner as payment for my services during the term of our partnership.
      In the event of any conflict between the terms of this Iska agreement and the terms of any other agreement signed by the two parties in regard to these funds, the terms of this agreement shall prevail. 
      This agreement shall follow the guidelines of Heter Iska as explained in Serer Bris Yehudah. It is agreed that any dispute which may arise in connection with this agreement shall be submitted before _________________. Judgment rendered by the aforesaid authority may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

Dated __________________________

Signature of the Recipient ________________________
 Signature of the Investor _________________________

In witness whereof the above-mentioned parties have entered into this Heter Iska agreement on this _________________________________day of ______________________________
Signature of Witness ______________________________
Signature of Witness ______________________________